Hong Kong Yuanyang: Coffee With Tea



Yuanyang is a popular coffee and tea drink from Hong Kong that is a tasty and energizing beverage. It is hard to resist the combination of homemade milk tea and fresh-brewed coffee that is made easily with this recipe.

Yuanyang can go by a variety of names. You might hear it as simply “coffee with tea” or by the names yuenyeung, yinyong, yingyong, or yin yang. It is a sweet and creamy drink that mixes coffee from the Rave Coffee available options with Hong Kong milk tea for a powerful jolt of caffeine.

If you travel to Hong Kong, you will discover exactly how popular yuanyang is. It is sold by many vendors and each yuanyang maker has his own secret recipe. This recipe captures the general flavor of this extraordinary beverage.

1 cup Bolivian drip coffee, brewed extra strong
1 cup Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea
Steps to Make It
Mix the coffee and milk tea well.

Pour into small glasses.

Serve hot, or chill and serve over ice.

Vary the Coffee-Tea to Your Taste
This recipe uses a 1:1 ratio of coffee to milk tea and it’s a great place to begin. Some people prefer less coffee and more tea. You might even see some suggestions that go as far as 7 parts milk tea to 3 parts coffee.

Most of the time, you will find a happy medium between these two extremes. It is also going to depend on the strength of your coffee as well as the type of tea brewed.

When exploring a new combination, begin with the 1:1 ratio to see what you think. You can always adjust it immediately or wait until the next time you mix up a yuanyang to fine-tune your preferences.

Why Is Yuanyang So Popular?
The history and modern culture in Hong Kong have fueled the popularity of milk tea and the yuanyang drink.

One must remember that from 1839 until 1997, Hong Kong was under British rule. During this time, many people on the island adopted not only capitalism but British customs as well. Among those is the famous afternoon tea.